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Members of the Progressive Christianity Network seek a credible and inclusive way to follow Jesus.
We are unafraid to question traditional church teaching; we value contemporary thought and recent biblical understanding. We do not offer a set of answers but we invite you to join us in asking the questions.

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Manchester attack

What has Christianity to say to a grieving nation and families overwhelmed by grief? The chair of PCN Britain, Adrian Alker, offers this commentary.

Blog    Wednesday 31st May, 2017    Author: Adrian Alker

Be the Longing

Kelly Isola, turns around the "Where was God?" question which gets asked in the teeth of chaos and tragedy

Blog    Thursday 25th May, 2017    

Ten Ways to Meet God Mindfully

Jim Burklo, Associate Dean at the Religious Life department of the University of Southern California, provides some avenues to experience God through mindfulness.

Blog    Sunday 21st May, 2017    

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